Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.23 No.12 (1982)

727-735 :
Grain Size Dependence of the Yield and Flow Stresses of Molybdenum in the Range from 300 to 500 K
Koji Tanoue and Hidehiko Matsuda
736-747 :
Surface Morphology associated with Phase Transformations in Indium-Rich Solid Solutions
Yasumasa Koyama and Osamu Nittono
748-758 :
Effects of Oxygen Pressure on the Oxidation Behavior of Ni-20Cr Alloy
Atsushi Takei and Kazuyoshi Nii
759-767 :
Thermodynamic Evaluation of Distribution Behaviour of Arsenic in Copper Smelting
Kimio Itagaki and Akira Yazawa
768-779 :
Improvement of Desulfurization by Addition of Aluminum to Hot Metal in the Lime Injection Process
Toshiharu Mitsuo, Takeshi Shōji,
Yoshihiro Hatta, Hitoshi Ono,
Hisashi Mori and Tsuyoshi Kai
780-787 :
Dissolution of Ferrous Alloys into Molten Aluminium
Mitsuo Niinomi, Yoshisada Ueda and Masamichi Sano


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