Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.23 No.11 (1982)

655-664 :
Solute-Lattice Coupling Parameters Determined from an Analysis of Diffuse Scattering of a β -Brass
Hiroshi Kubo and Ken'ichi Shimizu
665-673 :
High Temperature Deformation of an Al-5 at%Mg Alloy under Combined High Frequency Stresses
Takao Endo, Masaharu Tasaki,
Masahiro Kubo and Takashi Shimada
674-681 :
Computer Simulation of Acoustic Emission during Yielding of a Dispersion Hardened Alloy
J. Masuda
682-692 :
The Corrosion Behavior of Fe-Ni Alloys in Hydrogen Chloride Gas and Gas Mixtures of Hydrogen Chloride and Oxygen at High Temperatures
Yoshinao Ihara, Hideji Ohgame,
Kazutaka Sakiyama and Koji Hashimoto
693-702 :
Superconducting Properties of Amorphous Zr-Nb-Ge Alloys
A. Inoue, Y. Takahashi, N. Toyota,
T. Fukase and T. Masumoto
703-708 :
Influence of Rapid Solidification on the Aging of a Cu-2.1 mass%Be-0.2 mass%Co Alloy
Yoshitake Nishi, Hikaru Aoyagi,
Kenji Suzuki and Etsujirou Yajima
709-717 :
On the Alloy Layers Formed by the Reaction between Ferrous Alloys and Molten Aluminium
Mitsuo Niinomi and Yoshisada Ueda
718-725 :
Effect of Grain Boundaries on the Cold Rolling and Annealing Textures of Pure Iron
Mitsunobu Abe, Yasuji Kokabu,
Yukio Hayashi and Satohiro Hayami


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