Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.23 No.10 (1982)

579-584 :
Grain Boundary Sliding with and without Matrix Slip Deformation in Cadmium Bicrystals
Hiroshi Fukutomi, Hideo Takatori and Ryo Horiuchi
585-594 :
Fatigue and Fracture Characteristics of Polycrystalline Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloys
Hidekazu Sakamoto, Yoshio Kijima and Ken'ichi Shimizu
595-598 :
Metastable bcc Phase in Sputtered Fe-Mn Alloy Films
Kenji Sumiyama and Yoji Nakamura
599-607 :
Dislocation Structures of [321] Copper and Copper-Aluminium Dilute Alloy Crystals Grown by the Bridgman Method
Jirô Watanabé and Yuji Imashimizu
608-613 :
Comments on the Anisotropy of the Lattice Vibrations of Hexagonal Close Packed Metals
M. Imafuku, R. Yamamoto and M. Doyama
614-619 :
Extraction of Cu, Ni and Co with Sodium Salt of Di-2-ethylhexylphosphoric Acid
Junji Shibata and Sanji Nishimura
620-630 :
The Role of Zirconium to Improve Strength and Stress-corrosion Resistance of Al-Zn-Mg and Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys
Hideo Yoshida and Yoshio Baba


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