Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.23 No.8 (1982)

433-439 :
Activities of Liquid Pb-In Alloys by E.M.F. Measurements Using Zirconia Solid Electrolyte Cells
Kazuo Kameda, Yoshio Yoshida and Senzi Sakairi
440-450 :
Rate Determining Mechanism of Degassing by Inert Gas Flushing in Molten Metal
Masamichi Sano and Kazumi Mori
451-460 :
Carbothermic Reduction of V2O3 under Reduced Pressure
Koichiro Koyama, Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Shinichiro Omori
and Sadao Onishi
461-472 :
Observations of the Microstructure of Pre-precipitates in an Al-3%Cu Alloy by a Lattice Imaging Technique
Tatsuo Sato, Yo Kojima and Tsuneo Takahashi
473-479 :
High Temperature Oxidation of Ni-20Cr-xTiO2 Alloys
Hiroshi Nagai, Makoto Okabayashi and Tomohiro Murakami
480-487 :
Control of Oxide Particle Size by Oxygen Pressure for Internally Oxidized Silver Base Alloys
Mitsunori Sato
488-499 :
Changes in Microstructures of Pb-In Films during Thermal Cycling between Room and Liquid Helium Temperature
Masanori Murakami
500-504 :
Kinetics of Ag Precipitation in a Pb-0.038 at%Ag Alloy
R. Nozato, T. Yamaji and H. Tsubakino


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