Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.23 No.6 (1982)

285-295 :
Cubic-Tetragonal Transformation and Shape Memory Behavior in Indium-Thallium and Indium-Cadmium Alloys
Osamu Nittono and Yasumasa Koyama
296-302 :
Magnetic Structure of Fe3Ga Studied by Neutron Diffraction
Nobuo Kawamiya and Kengo Adachi
303-314 :
Change in the Motive Force of Diffusion and the Free Energy on Phase Separation and Aggregation of Precipitates
Tokuzou Tsujimoto
315-319 :
Nitrogen Ordering in V9N4 and V32N16 Studied by Neutron and Electron Diffraction
Takashi Onozuka
320-327 :
Electrocodeposition and Mechanical Properties of Nickel-Tungsten Carbide Cermets
P. K. Gupta, A. N. Tiwari and B. K. Agrawal
328-333 :
Equilibrium Relations between Liquid Copper and Calcium Ferrite Slag
Akira Yazawa and Yoichi Takeda
334-340 :
Effect of La, Y and Al Additions on the High-Temperature Oxidation of Ni-20Cr Alloy
Hiroshi Nagai and Makoto Okabayashi
341-348 :
Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Nonequilibrium Ordered Austenite Wires of Fe-Mn-Al-C System by In-Rotating-Water Spinning Method
A. Inoue, H. Tomioka, M. Hagiwara and T. Masumoto


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