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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.23 No.5 (1982)

221-228 :
Mössbauer Study on the Distribution of Iron Vacancies in Iron Sulfide Fe1-xS
Kenzo Igaki, Masaki Sato and Takeshi Shinohara
229-233 :
Magnetic Transition and Crystal Structure of Fe0.909S
Masaki Sato and Kenzo Igaki
234-242 :
Mechanical Equation of State in Molybdenum
Koji Tanoue and Hidehiko Matsuda
243-249 :
Snoek and Snoek-Köster-like Relaxations in Low Carbon Steel with Ferrite-Martensite Dual Phase Structure
Yoshimitsu Iwasaki and Koichi Hashiguchi
250-258 :
Fundamental Studies on Analysis of Silicate Anions using Improved Trimethylsilylation Method
Hiroshi Okusu, George Masuda, Mitsunobu Wakita
and Yukio Suginohara
259-266 :
The Tracer Diffusivity of Oxygen in Wustite and Cobaltous Oxide
S. Yamaguchi and M. Someno
267-277 :
Characteristics of Electrical Contact of Internally Oxidized Silver-Zinc Alloys Containing Several Additional Elements
Mitsunori Sato and Masayuki Hijikata
278-282 :
Superconducting Cu-V-Si Filament Produced by Glass-Coated Melt Spinning
Tomoko Gotō


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