Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.23 No.4 (1982)

153-160 :
Determination of the Atomic Scattering Factors of Aluminium by the Pendellösung-Beat Measurement Using White Radiation
Toshihiko Takama, Kazuyoshi Kobayashi and Shin'ichi Sato
161-168 :
Initiation of Fatigue Cracks along Grain Boundaries in Aluminum Bicrystals
Fukuji Inoko, Ken Atagi and Genjiro Mima
169-176 :
Formation of Etch Beaks on the (111) Surfaces of Rapidly-Cooled Copper Crystals
Shigeo Sugawara and Jirô Watanabé
177-185 :
The Oxidation of Cobalt-Manganese Alloys at High Temperatures
M. E. El-Dahshan
186-194 :
Magnetization Reversal and Barkhausen Effect in a Precipitation Hardened Co-Fe-Nb Alloy
Yuichi Suzuki, Eiji Horikoshi and Zenzo Henmi
195-210 :
Effect of Copper Addition on Sintering of Ternary Iron Powder Premixes Containing Phosphorus
Md. Hamiuddin


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