Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.23 No.1 (1982)

1-7 :
The Velocity of Ultrasound in Molten Bismuth, Aluminum, Silver and Copper
Yasuhide Tsu, Hiroyoshi Suenaga, Katsutoshi Takano
and Yutaka Shiraishi
8-18 :
Yield and Stage I Deformation of Neutron-Irradiated Copper Crystal in Connection with Formation of Slip Bands
Kazutoshi Shinohara, Sadakichi Kitajima,
Akira Okamoto and Michio Ohta
19-23 :
Determination of Intrinsic Diffusion Coefficients in a Wide Concentration Range of a Cu-Ni Couple by the Multiple Markers Method
Yoshiaki Iijima, Ken-ichi Hirano and Motoji Kikuchi
24-30 :
Thermodynamic Behaviour of Dilute Solution of Sulphur in Molten Lead-Silver Alloys
G. C. Kaushal and M. L. Kapoor
31-37 :
Low Temperature Aging and Repeated Strain Aging in Ni Maraging Steels
Setsuo Takaki and Youichi Tokunaga
38-40 :
Effect of a Local Magnetic Field on the Dissolution of Copper and Iron in Nitric Acid Solution

Masato Sagawa


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