Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.22 No.7 (1981)

433-440 :
Thermomagnetic Study on Spinodal Decomposition of Ni-Cu-Pd Alloy
Yoshinori Murata and Yoshiro Iwama
441-448 :
Dislocation Structure Formed during Dezincification of α -Brass
Taketo Sakuma
449-458 :
Nodular Graphite Formation in Pore-containing White Cast Iron Sintered by means of Direct Electric Resistance Heating
Kenzo Hanawa, Zenshiro Hara
and Kiyoaki Akechi
459-465 :
Structures of (001) Surface of Cu-Au Alloy as Observed by LEED
Yasuo Fujinaga
466-474 :
On the Recrystallization of Cu-Al Alloy Annealed by Two-step Annealing
Akira Okada and Hitoshi Nakaé
475-480 :
Impact Properties of ABS Grade CS Steel Weldments
Justin Opoku, William Arbiter
and Thomas E. Bahlow
481-492 :
Dislocation Configurations and Work Hardening in Molybdenum Single Crystals Deformed in Tension at 77 and 293 K
H. Matsui and H. Kimura
493-500 :
Thermodynamic Study of the Liquid Cu-O System
Yoshiro Kayahara, Katsutoshi One, Toshio Oishi
and Joichiro Moriyama
501-513 :
Diffusion of Ag in Dilute Pb(Ag) Alloys
Katsuyuki Kusunoki, Kazuo Tsumuraya
and Seiichi Nishikawa


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