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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.22 No.6 (1981)

371-378 :
Preparation of Ultrafine Iron Particles using an RF Plasma
Toyonobu Yoshida and Kazuo Akashi
379-384 :
New Type of M23C6 Carbide Precipitation in an Austenitic Stainless Steel Containing Niobium
Nobuzo Terao and Bimalendu Sasmal
385-391 :
Reaction of Silver, Calcium, and Iron Sulfides with Steam
Ryoji Shibayama and Tokiaki Tanaka
392-398 :
Growth Characteristics of Thin Foil Martensites in an Fe-4.1%Mn-1.25%C Alloy
Yasuji Tanaka and Ken'ichi Shimizu
399-409 :
Electrical Conductivities of Alkaline Earth Sulfides
Akira Egami, Toshio Onoye and Kiichi Narita
410-414 :
β Phase Precipitation and α /β Interface Phase in Commercially Pure Titanium
A. Lasalmonie and S. Naka
415-417 :
Determination of Nickel, Tungsten and Zirconium in the Metal-Oxide Interface Layer of an Oxide Cathode
Eiichi Kitazume and Norio Shibata
418-422 :
Winning of High Purity Iron from Red Mud and Iron Concentrated Tailing
M. Isshiki and K. Igaki
423-429 :
Diffusion of Hydrogen and Deuterium in High Purity Iron between 222 and 322 K
M. Nagano, Y. Hayashi, N. Ohtani,
M. Isshiki and K. Igaki
430-431 :
Effect of Feed on Residual Stress in Cut α -Brass

Hiroshi Furuichi


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