Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.22 No.4 (1981)

217-224 :
The Role of Density Gradient Energy in Alloy Phase Segregation
Tokuzou Tsujimoto
225-236 :
Cubic-Tetragonal Transformation and Reversible Shape Memory Effect in Manganese-Copper Alloys
Osamu Nittono, Toshihiko Satoh
and Yasumasa Koyama
237-243 :
Ion-Softnitriding of 0.15% Carbon Steel in N2-H2-CH4 Gas Mixtures
Takumi Sone, Eiji Tsunasawa and Kyuhiko Yamanaka
244-252 :
The Fracture of Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloy
S. Miyazaki, K. Otsuka, H. Sakamoto
and K. Shimizu
253-257 :
Simultaneous TG, DTG and DTA Studies on Manganese Oxides
R. D. Agrawal
258-266 :
Influence of Non-Equiaxed Microstructure on the Superplastic Behavior of the Pb-Sn Eutectic
B. P. Kashyap and G. S. Murty
267-273 :
Substructure Development during Low Cycle Fatigue of Iron Single Crystals at 423 K
Shozo Ikeda


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