Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.21 No.5 (1980)

269-274 :
Studies on Crystallization Processes of Amorphous Pd-Ni-Si Alloys
Kazuo Utsumi and Kazutaka Kawamura
275-284 :
Thermodynamic Study of Oxygen in Liquid Copper
Nobumasa Kemori, Iwao Katayama, and Zensaku Kozuka
285-292 :
Chemical Potential and Solubility of Oxygen in Ni(s, l) Equilibrated with both NiO(s) and NiX2O4(s) [X=Al, Ga]
Nobumasa Kemori, Iwao Katayama, and Zensaku Kozuka
293-301 :
Interface Segregation in α -β Brass
Takayuki Takasugi and Osamu Izumi
302-308 :
Non-Destructive Determination of In-Depth Profile of Brass
K. Asami
309-318 :
Steady-State Creep of Fe-4.1 at%Mo Alloy at High Temperatures
Hiroshi Oikawa, Makoto Saeki and Seiichi Karashima
319-324 :
Fundamental Study on the Production of Niobium by the Carbothermic Reduction-Electron Beam Melting Combination Method
Katsutoshi Ono, Yukitomi Ueda and Joichiro Moriyama
325-335 :
Movement of Three-Fold Nodes of Boundaries in High Temperature Creep of Polycrystalline Aluminum
H. Fujita, K. Toyoda and H. Hino
336-337 :
Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy of GdNi Single Crystal

Kiyoo Sato


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