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Materials Transactions, Vol.21 No.4 (1980)

181-190 :
The Stability of HCP Cobalt Prepared
by a Vacuum Deposition Method

J. Echigoya, M. Nemoto and H. Suto
191-200 :
The Effect of Hydrogen on the Internal Friction
of Deformed Vanadium

Masahiro Koiwa, Kazuhiko Shibata
and Osamu Yoshinari
201-210 :
The Decomposition of Metastable β -phase Titanium Alloys
S. Hanada and O. Izumi*
211-218 :
The Phase Relationship and Denitrification during
the Sintering Process of TiN--Ni Mixed Powder Compacts

Mikio Fukuhara and Hiroyasu Mitani**
219-225 :
Fe--B and Fe--Si--B System Alloy Filaments Produced
by Glass-Coated Melt Spinning

Tomoko Gotō, Shōwa-ku, Nagoya, Japan.
226-236 :
Equilibria between the Two Immiscible Liquid Phases
in the Zinc-Bismuth System

Kazuhisa Okajima and Hiroshi Sakao**
237-247 :
New L12 Ordered Alloys having
the Positive Temperature Dependence of Strength

Dang-Moon Wee, Osami Noguchi*, Yoshihiro Oya
and Tomoo Suzuki**
248-251 :
Heat of Crystallisation and Viscous Behaviour
of Metallic Glasses

P. Ramachandrarao


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