Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.21 No.3 (1980)

127-130 :
A Study on the Bombardment of Fast H+ on Aluminium Surface
K. L. Yau
131-139 :
Kinetics of Precipitation in a Pb-0.068 wt%Ag Alloy
Ryoichi Nozato and Tetsuo Yamaji
140-144 :
The Dislocation Etchant for β -CuZn Crystals
Taichiro Ito, Masato Aoki
and Yutaka Nakayama
145-151 :
Behavior of Hardness After-Effect of Ordered β '-NiAl and of Ni
Seung-Am Cho
152-158 :
Size Effect of Cu2O on Cupping in Tough-Pitch Copper Wire
Hiroshi Tanaka and Kazunari Yoshida
159-168 :
The Effect of Alloying Element on the Coarsening Behavior of Cementite Particles in Ferrite
Taketo Sakuma, Naoto Watanabe
and Taiji Nishizawa
169-173 :
Orientation Relationship between Ni and Cu Deposits and (001)Fe Substrates
J. Echigoya, M. Nemoto and H. Suto
174-178 :
The Effect of Additional Elements on the β '→ ζ Transformation in Equiatomic AgZn Alloy
Yoshie Matsuo


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