Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.21 No.1 (1980)

1-8 :
Thermodynamics of Binary Nickel-Bearing Substitutional Solutions
R. D. Agrawal, V. N. S. Mathur and M. L. Kapoor
9-14 :
Wear Property of Gas Nitrosulfurizing Steel
Osamu Momose and Sosuke Uchida
15-19 :
Effects of Temperature and Stress on Work-Hardening and Recovery Rates during Steady-State Deformation of Lead
Akira Goto, Hiroshi Oikawa and Seiichi Karashima
20-26 :
The Effects of Shear Bands on the Rolling Deformation of (211)[\bar111] Single Crystals of Silver
Kenji Morii, Mitsuo Mera and Yutaka Nakayama
27-33 :
Activities of Manganese in Mn-Fe-C, Mn-Si-C and Mn-Fe-Si-C Melts at 1673 K
Akihiko Tanaka
34-41 :
A Variation of Martensite Morphology with Manganese and Carbon Compositions in Fe-Mn-C Alloys
Yasuji Tanaka and Ken'ichi Shimizu
42-51 :
Anomalous Changes in Austenite and Martensite Lattice Parameters of Fe-Mn-C Alloys
Yasuji Tanaka and Ken'ichi Shimizu
51-63 :
The Structure of the Molten FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2 System by X-ray Diffraction
Y. Waseda, Y. Shiraishi and J. M. Toguri


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