Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.20 No.12 (1979)

687-696 :
The Diffusion Time Required for the Dissolution of TiAl3 Crystals into Pure Aluminum Liquid and the Grain-Refinement of α Aluminum Solid-Solution by Ti Addition
Tamotsu Sato, Shoji Den and Goro Ohira
697-705 :
Radiation Softening and Hardening in Neutron Irradiated Molybdenum
M. Tanaka, K. Fukaya and K. Shiraishi
706-712 :
Effects of Superimposed Ultrasonic Oscillatory Stress on the Deformation of Fe and Fe-3%Si Alloy
Takao Endo, Kazuaki Suzuki
and Masayuki Ishikawa
713-723 :
Recrystallization and Sigma Phase Formation as Concurrent and Interacting Phenomena in 25%Cr-20%Ni Steel
Kazumitsu Shinohara, Toshihiro Seo
and Kenzaburo Kumada
724-732 :
Identification of Dislocations in Twin Boundaries in Fe-3.25 wt%Si Alloy from Electron Microscopic Images
Kenzaburo Marukawa and Yuji Matsubara
733-741 :
Ostwald Ripening and Solidification Growth of Primary Silicon Crystals during Solidification of an Al-19%Si-0.02%P Alloy
Junichi Kaneko, Makoto Sugamata
and Ken-ichiro Aoki
742-750 :
On the Phase Transitions in the Tl-Bi System near Tl3Bi
Takeshi Matsuda
751-752 :
Growth of Needle-Like Hematite Crystals during Re-Oxidation of Porous Metallised Iron Pellets at Relatively High Temperatures

Shigeji Taniguchi, Munekazu Ohmi
and Shigeharu Nakaoka


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