Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.20 No.7 (1979)

349-357 :
Diffusion Coefficient of Hydrogen in Pure Iron between 230 and 300 K
Hideki Hagi, Yasunori Hayashi and Namio Ohtani
358-364 :
Role of Iron-group Metals in the Induced Codeposition of Molybdenum from Aqueous Solution
Hisaaki Fukushima, Tetsuya Akiyama,
Susumu Akagi and Kei Higashi
365-370 :
On the Grain Boundary Embrittlement in an Aged 12Ni-6Mn-Fe Martensite
Hajime Suto and Taku Murakami
371-376 :
Phase Relationship in the V-C-O Ternary System
Kôichirô Kôyama, Yasuhiko Hashimoto
and Hidekazu Hata
377-382 :
Microstructure and Tensile Strength of Silver-Copper Alloy Filaments Produced by Glass-Coated Melt Spinning
Tomoko Gotō
383-387 :
A Thermodynamic Study of PbO-PbF2 Melts by means of Solid-Oxide Galvanic Cell
Masanori Iwase, Noboru Okubo and Toshisada Mori
388-394 :
Development of the Cube Orientation Texture in Dilute Aluminum-Tin Alloys
S. Yamada, U. M. Franklin and K. T. Aust
395-403 :
The Temperature Dependence of Work-Hardening due to Orowan Loops in a Dispersion-Hardened Alloy
Keisuke Matsuura
404-406 :
Ni-B and Co-B Amorphous Alloys with High Boron Concentration

Akihisa Inoue, Akihiro Kitamura
and Tsuyoshi Masumoto


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