Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.20 No.4 (1979)

153-158 :
Phase Diagram of the KCl-NaCl-NaF-K2NaVF6 System
Kôichirô Kôyama and Yasuhiko Hashimoto
159-166 :
Electron Microscopy of the Premartensitic State in a β-Ni-Zn-Cu Alloy
Yuichiro Murakami and Sukeji Kachi
167-171 :
Dislocation Etch Pits on the (0001) Surface of Zinc Single Crystals
Hironobu Nishikawa, Hiroshi Ebisu
Masayuki Yokoyama and Nobuo Mikuriya
172-180 :
Mechanical Properties of Vanadium-Tantalum Alloys
Nobuhiko Iwao, Toshio Kainuma, Ryoji Watanabe
and Takehiro Shimomura
181-185 :
An Apparatus for X-ray Diffraction by Oscillation Technique
Mareo Kimura
186-196 :
The Oxidation Behaviour of Fe-14Cr Alloys with Small Additions of Al at High Temperatures
Hideo Ike and Hirobumi Okabe
197-206 :
High Temperature Oxidation of Fe-14Cr Alloys with Small Additions of Al in Wet Oxygen
Hirobumi Okabe and Hideo Ike


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