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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.20 No.3 (1979)

81-88 :
A Grain Boundary Internal Friction Peak Observed in Fe-Containing Al Base Dilute Alloys with “Bamboo” Structure
Yoshikiyo Ogino and Yoshitsugu Amano
89-99 :
Defect Control of Nickel Sulfide by Heat-Treatment in Sulfur Atmosphere
Yasutoshi Noda, Shigekazu Ohtomo,
Kenzo Igaki and William T. Holser
100-110 :
Crystal Structure and Morphology of the Ordered Phase in Iron-Carbon Martensite
Sigemaro Nagakura and Michiko Toyoshima
111-118 :
Studies on the Extraction Equilibria of Cu, Ni, Co and Mn with Versatic Acid 911
Junji Shibata and Sanji Nishimura
119-125 :
A Study on the Origin of Surface Reddening of 65/35 Brass during the Strip Production Process
K. Asami and K. Hashimoto
126-136 :
The Bauschinger Effect and Work-Hardening in Aluminium Single Crystals Dispersion-Hardened with Silicon Particles
K. Matsuura, K. Akabane and K. Watanabe


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