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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.20 No.1 (1979)

1-10 :
Aging Characteristics of Cu-30%Ni-Al Alloys
Masamichi Miki and Yoshitsugu Amano
11-18 :
Structural Study of Atmospheric Corrosion of Alloy MgIn
Hiroki Ohno, Shozo Ino and Hiroshi Iwasaki
19-23 :
Effect of Temperature on Electrophoretic Behaviour of Complex Ions of Transition Metals in Aqueous Solution of Hydrochloric Acid
Mitsumasa Kishida and Kenzo Igaki
24-32 :
Effect of the Rate of Continuous Cooling from the β Phase Region on the Phase Composition Structure and Properties of Cu-10Al-3Fe-2Mn Aluminium Bronze
T. Górecki, S. Król and M. Tokarski
33-35 :
Fabrication of Amorphous Alloy Sheet by Gas Melt-Spraying Method

Paul Hideo Shingu, Kiyoshi Shimomura
and Ryohei Ozaki


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