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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.2 No.4 (1961)

191-195 :
High Temperature Oxide Films and Scales of Fe-Si-Cr System Alloys
Masataka Sugiyama and Tadayuki Nakayama
196-199 :
Effects of Si upon High Temperature Oxide Films of Heat Resisting Alloys
Masataka Sugiyama and Tadayuki Nakayama
200-203 :
The Influence of Aging Treatment on the Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistance of Alnico 5
Tatsuo Fujiwara and Tetsuo Kato
204-209 :
Magnetic Properties of Sintered Ferrites of a MnO-ZnO-Fe2O3 Ternary System
Yuzo Shichijo
210-212 :
Thermodynamic Studies of Tl-Bi Liquid Alloys
Osamu Mikuni, Mitsuo Shimoji and Kichizo Niwa
213-217 :
The Grain Growth after Light Cold Rolling in Grain-Oriented Silicon-Iron Sheets
Hitoshi Nakae
218-221 :
The Precipitation of Iron Carbides during Tempering of Carbon-Steel (Direct Observation by Electron Microscope of Carbon-Steel Thin Foils)
Isamu Eguchi, Koshi Kato, Shigeo Tokunaga and Kano Suzuki
222-227 :
Study of Sulfides in Steel by the Electrolytic Isolation Method
Hideo Kaneko, Taiji Nishizawa and Koreaki Tamaki
228-232 :
A Study of Mn-Bi and Mn-Al Alloys as Permanent Magnet Materials
Noboru Makino and Masaki Suzuki
233-238 :
The Shift of the Magnetic Transformation Temperature Caused by Annealing at 600°C and above in Iron-Chromium Alloys containing 40 to 60 Percent Chromium
Kenzaburo Kumada
239-242 :
Observations of Fatigue Fracture Surfaces of High Carbon Steels and Several Other Steels by Electron Microscopy
Akira Tokuda
243-245 :
Hall Effect of Metals in the Molten State
Sakae Takeuchi and Hirohisa Endo
246-251 :
Magnetic Susceptibility of Metals and Alloys in the Molten State
Sakae Takeuchi and Hirohisa Endo


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