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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.2 No.3 (1961)

141-147 :
Continuous Cooling Transformations in Low Carbon Chromium-Molybdenum Steels
Tatsuro Kunitake
148-152 :
Effects of Dissolved Sulphur, Oxygen, Selenium and Tellurium on the Surface Tension of Liquid Copper
Kaizo Monma and Hajime Suto
153-157 :
On Corrosion of Binary Copper Alloys in Water at High Temperature and Steam
Takemichi Otsu and Shiro Sato
158-162 :
Die Beziehung zwischen Hräte und Gefüge der Stahldrähte
Tasaburo Nishioka und Yukio Yasukuni
163-167 :
The Effect of Halide Ions on the Anodic Passivation of Zirconium
Akimi Umezono and Susumu Morioka
168-170 :
Thermodynamic Studies on Lead-Bismuth Liquid Allloys
Kichizo Niwa, Mitsuo Shimoji and Osamu Mikuni
171-175 :
Effect of the Addition of CaO and SiO2 on the Magnetic Characteristics and Microstructures of Manganese- Zinc Ferrites (Mn0.68Zn0.21Fe2.11O4+δ)
Tsuneo Akashi
176-181 :
Lattice Diffusion and Grain Boundary Diffusion of Cobalt in γ-Iron
Toshiro Suzuoka
182-186 :
Dislocations in Ferromagnetic Materials
Takasi Huzimura
187-187 :
Effect of Aging on the Maximum Permeability in Quenched Fe-Al alloys (ALPERM)

Hideo Saito
188-188 :
Hall Effect aud Magnetic Susceptibility of Pure Metals and their Alloys in a Molten State
Sakae Takeuchi and Hirohisa Endo
189-189 :
On the Electric Resistivity of Pure Metals in a Molten State
Sakae Takeuchi and Hirohisa Endo


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