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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.2 No.2 (1961)

71-74 :
Effects of Applied Tensile Stress and Compressive Stress During the Cooling of Steels and the Amount of Retained Austenite
Iwao Hagiwara, Shogo Kanazawa and Uko Kumada
75-78 :
Non-Equilibrium Segregation due to the Beta-Alpha Reaction of Nickel-Aluminium Bronze Cast
Shoji Ueda and Masato Zama
79-85 :
The Crystal Structure of β' Martensite in Cu-Al Binary Alloys
Norihiko Nakanishi
86-91 :
Correlation of the Magnetically Induced Directional Order with an AB3 Superlattice
Takao Iwata
92-97 :
Concentration Dependence of the Magnetically Induced Directional Order in Face-Centered Cubic Non-Ideal Solid Solutions
Takao Iwata
98-104 :
The Phase Diagram of the Niobium- Carbon System
Hirozô Kimura and Yasuo Sasaki
105-112 :
Ferromagnetic Domain Patterns on Nickel-Cobalt Alloy and Pure Cobalt Crystals
Mikio Yamamoto and Satoshi Taniguchi
113-119 :
A Mechanism of the Anodic Passivation of Nickel in Acid Solution -Higher Valence Oxide Film Theory-
Norio Sato and Go Okamoto
120-124 :
The Potentiostatic Etching of the Metallographic Structure of Stainless Steel
Naoya Ito and Go Okamoto
125-129 :
Effect of Plastic Deformation on Clustering in an Al-Cu 4% Alloy
Keisuke Matsuura
130-133 :
Electrolytic Isolation of Carbide, Sulfide and Phosphide in White Cast Iron
Hiroshi Kitagawa and Norio Shibata
134-139 :
Electron Microscope Studies of Deformed α-Brass Part I General Arrangements of Dislocations
Seiichi Karashima


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