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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol. 2 No. 1 (1961) pp.53-56
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Thermodynamical Studies and Preliminary Experiments on the Production of Ti in Crystalline Form by Reaction in the Gaseous Phase*

Sakae Takeuchi**, Toshio Kurosawa** and Mitsuo Tezuka**

Methods to produce Ti in massive lumps by the reaction between TiCl4 and Mg were discussed theoretically and experimentally. These massive lumps were produced by a type of gaseous reaction by which the deposition of Ti was accompanied by the spontaneous ejection of the by-product MgCl2 out of the reaction system during the course of the reaction. From preliminary experiments it was found that titanium subchlorides, TiCl3 and TiCL2, were produced if the reaction between TiCl4 and Mg vapors took place in free space, but massive and compact Ti was deposited in a crystalline form with high efficiency when thle mixed vapors of TiCl4 and Mg were caused to impinge and to react on the wall surfaces of Ti-ribbons stretched in the reaction chamber held at 900∼950°C.
The crystalline Ti deposited on the surfaces of the ribbons by these types of reactions was of a high purity and free from the MgCl2 by products and excess Mg.

(Received March 10, 1961)

* The Eighth Japan Institute of Metal's Prize for Original Papers was awarded to the writers of this paper and the other two papers for the thesis., New Development of Titanium Production by the Gaseous Reaction, on October, 3rd, 1950, in appreciation of a great contribution to the metallic science. This paper was published originally in Japanese in the J. Japan Inst. Met., 23 (1959), 625.

** The Research Institute for Iron, steel and Other Metals, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

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