Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.2 No.1 (1961)

1-4 :
The New High Permeability Iron-Aluminium- Silicon Alloys
Makoto Sugihara
5-9 :
Study on the Practical Problems of Routine Spectrochemical Analysis of Impurities in Titanium Sponge
Nakaaki Oda, Sadayuki Tsunoo and Toshio Hashimoto
10-14 :
The High Temperature Internal Friction before Ac1 Transformation in Steels
Tadashi Ichiyama and Kikuo Takashina
15-20 :
Interaction Parameters of Alloying Elements in Molten Iron
Harue Wada and Tunezo Saito
21-24 :
Segregation of Solute Atoms to Deformation Stacking Faults in Face-Centred Cubic Solid Solutions
Koichi Nakajima
25-32 :
Lattice and Grain Boundary Diffusion in Polycrystals
Toshiro Suzuoka
33-36 :
A Kinetic Study of the Dissolution of Solid Nickel, Copper and Silver in Liquid Bismuth
Tadao Sano, Masanobu Miyake and Takao Konishi
37-43 :
The Correlations between the Eutectoid Transformation, Order-Disorder Transformation, and Martensitic Transformation in Cu3Al Binary Alloys
Norihiko Nakanishi
44-52 :
Aluminium Alloy Recrystallizing at Room Temperature
Shinpei Maeda
53-56 :
Thermodynamical Studies and Preliminary Experiments on the Production of Ti in Crystalline Form by Reaction in the Gaseous Phase
Sakae Takeuchi, Toshio Kurosawa and Mitsuo Tezuka
57-63 :
New Development on the Production of Ti in Crystalline Form by Reactions between TiCl4 and Mg Vapors
Sakae Takeuchi, Mitsuo Tezuka, Shizuo Eda,
Toshio Kurosawa and Toshio Tamura
64-69 :
The Purity and Mechanical Properties of Crystalline Ti Produced by the Gaseous Reaction between TiCl4 and Mg
Sakae Takeuchi and Mitsuo Tezuka


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