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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.19 No.10 (1978)

511-518 :
Some Observations of Dislocation Etch Pits on {111} Surfaces of Cu and Cu-Al Dilute Alloy Crystals
Jirô Watanabé and Shigeo Sugawara
519-529 :
An Approach to Thermodynamics of Binary Substitutional Solutions
Madan Lal Kapoor
530-536 :
Effects of Material Anisotropy upon the Cutting Mechanism
Mototaro Sato Yosio Kato and Kazuhiro Tuchiya
537-545 :
The Relationship between the Convective Flow Rate Controlled by Lorentz's Force and the Solidified Structures
Tadashi Momono and Katsuya Ikawa
546-552 :
Calculation of the Crystal-Melt Interfacial Free Energy from Experimental Radial Distribution Function Data
Y. Waseda and W. A. Miller
553-561 :
Establishment of Corresponding-state Principle in Molten Fluoroberyllates and Silicates and Its Application
Kazuo Furukawa and Hideo Ohno
562-570 :
Magnetic Properties of Ni-Mn Base Polynary Alloys
Yuetsu Murakami
571-580 :
A New Ordered Phase in Tempered 63.8Ni-1Co-Al Martensite
K. Enami and S. Nenno
581-587 :
Factors Influencing the Crushing Strength of a Metallised Iron Pellet after Hydrogen Reduction
Shigeji Taniguchi and Munekazu Ohmi


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