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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.19 No.8 (1978)

413-421 :
Effect of Fine Precipitates on the Recrystallization Textures of Mo Single Crystals Rolled in the (111)[\bar1\bar12] Orientation
Tadayuki Fujii and Yukio Ohba
422-430 :
Induction and Propagation Periods during Stress-Corrosion Cracking of 18-8 Stainless Steel in Concentrated MgCl2 Solutions
Katsuhisa Sugimoto, Ken-ichi Takahashi
and Yoshinobu Sawada
431-437 :
Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistivity of Pure Iron at Low Temperatures
Minoru Isshiki and Kenzo Igaki
438-444 :
Effects of Grain Size and Specimen Thickness on Mechanical Properties of Polycrystalline Copper and Copper-Aluminum Alloy
Shuichi Miyazaki and Hiroshi Fujita
445-453 :
Orientation and Structure of Palladium Particles Formed by Evaporation on Alkalihalide Crystals
Koji Fukaya, Shozo Ino and Shiro Ogawa
454-456 :
Vapor-Phase Growth of Epitaxial Ga1-xInxSb by the Open-Tube Method

Isao Nakatani and Katashi Masumoto


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