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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.19 No.6 (1978)

307-311 :
Thermodynamics of the α- and β'-Phases in the Co-Ga System
A. Mikula, Y. A. Chang and J. P. Neumann
312-316 :
Damping Capacity of Gentalloy in the Fe-Co Alloys
Hakaru Masumoto, Showhachi Sawaya and Masakatsu Hinai
317-325 :
Electron Microscopy of the Premartensitic β-Cu-Zn-Al Alloy
Yuichiro Murakami, Luc Delaey and Gaby Smeesters-Dullenkopf
326-334 :
Effect of Ni Content on the Magnetic Properties of a New High Permeability Magnetic Alloy “Super Sendust” in the Fe-Si-Al-Ni System
Tatsuji Yamamoto and Yoshio Utsushikawa
335-340 :
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Strain Gauge Factor of the Fe-Cr-Co System
Hakaru Masumoto and Naoji Nakamura
341-350 :
On the Method for Evaluating the Sensitivity to Reheat Cracking in the Weld Zone of Steel
Toshiro Kikuchi and Iwao Onishi
351-361 :
Method for Evaluating the Sensitivity of Steel to Reheat Cracking by the Synthetic Weld HAZ
Toshiro Kikuchi and Iwao Onishi
362-369 :
Einfluss der Kristallkorngröße auf die Emptidlichkeit der Wiedererhitzungriß der Schweissnähte des Stahls
Von Toshiro Kikuchi und Iwao Onishi


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