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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.19 No.4 (1978)

181-190 :
Analysis of Deformation in Axisymmetric Indirect Extrusion Based on an Upper Bound Approach
Senri Ikeda, Keisuke Ikeda and Eihachiro Tanaka
191-197 :
On the Properties of Semihard Magnetic Alloys “Recalloy” in the Fe-Nb System
Hakaru Masumoto, Yūetsu Murakami
and Naoji Nakamura
198-202 :
Kinetics of Short Range Ordering and Behavior of Vacancies in Binary Substitutional Alloys
Tetsuo Eguchi, Chiken Kinoshita
and Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo
203-210 :
On the Ductility of the Intermetallic Compound Ni3Al
K. Aoki and O. Izumi
211-216 :
A Study of the 550°C-Change in Ordered FeCo Alloy through Electrical Resistivity and Specific Heat Measurements
Hironori Kuroki, Hidehiko Matsuda
and Tetsuo Eguchi
217-229 :
P-T Phase Diagram and Structural Study of the Co-Se System
Yasutoshi Noda and Kenzo Igaki
230-232 :
Activation Energy for the Strain Aging of Mild Steel

Parviz Dadras
233-234 :
Quantitative Analysis of Deuterium in Ti, Ti Alloys, Zr, V, Nb and Ta by Ion Microanalyzer
Mayumi Someno, Mutsuhiro Kobayashi,
Hiroshi Saito, and Soichiro Tsunekawa
235-236 :
Comments about the Habit Planes for the SIM γ'\rightleftarrowsβ1' Transformation in Cu-Al-Ni Alloys
Carlos Rodriguez


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