Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.19 No.1 (1978)

1-10 :
Effects of Strain Rate, Applied Potential and Temperature on the Stress-Corrosion Cracking of 304L Stainless Steel in 5 mol/ℓ H2SO4/0.1 mol/ℓ NaCl Solution
Michinori Takano and Roger W. Staehle
11-17 :
In Situ Transformation of Cementite to M7C3 and Internal Defects of M7C3 in High Carbon-Chromium Steel by Tempering
Akihisa Inoue, Shunsuke Arakawa
and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
18-24 :
Interfacial Dislocations in Epitaxially Grown Double Layers of Gold and Iron with Anisotropic Atomic Fitting
S. Ohmiya, J. Echigoya and M. Nemoto
25-34 :
Oxygen Potential Control in CO2-CO-O2 Mixtures Circulating in a Closed System by Coulometric Titration
Norihiko Fukatsu, Ichiro Osawa and Zensaku Kozuka
35-42 :
The Effect of Co on the Temperature Dependence of Yield Stress in Ni3Ge Single Crystals
Han-ryong Pak, Toshio Saburi and Soji Nenno
43-52 :
Diffusion-Induced Dislocations in α-Iron Single Crystals
Taketo Sakuma, Kazuyoshi Yamazaki and Taiji Nishizawa
53-59 :
The Precipitation Hardening of Cu-Fe Alloy Single Crystals with Coherent γ-Iron Particles
K. Matsuura, M. Kitamura and K. Watanabe
60-61 :
Tensile Strength of Stainless Steel Filament Produced by the Method of Glass-Coated Melt Spinning

Tomoko Gotō


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