Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.18 No.12 (1977)

817-824 :
A Crystallographic Study of Austenite Formation from Fe-Ni Martensite during Heating in the (α+γ) Region
Masato Enomoto and Ei-ichi Furubayashi
825-834 :
Measurements of Thermodynamic Quantities for Sn-Zn, In-Sb Alloys and CdCl2-PbCl2, PbCl2-ZnCl2, Mixtures by Quantitative Thermal Analysis of the Heating Process
Kimio Itagaki and Akira Yazawa
835-842 :
Interdiffusion in Cu-Mn Alloys
Yoshiaki Iijima, Ken-ichi Hirano and Kazuo Sato
843-851 :
Plastic Deformation and Prominent Cross Slip of <100> Oriented Aluminum Single Crystals
Yoshitaka Saeki and Sei Miura
852-858 :
Deformation Behavior of <100> Oriented Copper Single Crystals
Sei Miura, Yoichi Kuriyama and Yoshitaka Saeki
859-863 :
Growth by Hydrothermal Synthesis and Some Properties of Synthetic Cryolite Single Crystal
Kazutaka Kawamura
864-870 :
Phenomenological Consideration on the Change from the Non-thermoelastic to the Thermoelastic Type of Martensitic Transformations in Fe3Pt Alloy
Tsugio Tadaki
871-878 :
Quantitative Metallographic Study of the Solidification of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
Toshiro Owadano, Koji Yamada and Kiyoshi Torigoe


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