Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.18 No.11 (1977)

743-749 :
Thermodynamic Study of Spine1 Type Solid Solutions of the Fe3O4-ZnFe2O4 System by E.M.F. Measurements using the Solid Electrolyte
Iwao Katayama, Jun Shibata, Matsuhide Aoki
and Zensaku Kozuka
750-758 :
Vacancy Concentration and Ordering Kinetics in Fe3Al Alloys
Masayuki Hasaka, Kensuke Oki and Tetsuo Eguchi
759-764 :
Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Fe80P16C3B1 Filament Produced by Glass-Coated Melt Spinning
Tomoko Gotō, Masamitsu Nagano and Norioki Wehara
765-774 :
Association in Metallic Solution
Kozo Osamura and Bruno Predel
775-779 :
Determination of Trace Quantities of Lead and Bismuth in Heat-Resisting Alloys by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with Heated Graphite Atomizer
Osamu Kujirai, Takeshi Kobayashi and Emiko Sudo
780-786 :
Effect of Electrochemical Potential on Stress-Corrosion Morphology of Type 304L Stainless Steel in H2SO4/NaCl Solutions at Room Temperature
Michinori Takano and Roger W. Staehle
787-793 :
The Mechanism of Intergranular Stress-Corrosion Cracking in Cu-30%Zn Alloy and 304 Stainless Steel
Michinori Takano
794-802 :
Effect of Sulphate and Chloride Ions on the Solvent Extraction of Some Metal Ions with Liquid Cation Exchangers
Junji Shibata and Sanji Nishimura
803-806 :
The Effects of Shock Loading and Grain Refining on the Kinetics of Deformation Induced Martensite in Fe-31% Ni-0.1%C
J. R. C. Guimarães, J. C. Gomes
and M. A. Meyers
807-815 :
Period of Antiphase and Tetragonality in the α2 Phase of Cu-Al Alloys
Noriyuki Kuwano, Toshihiro Doi and Tetsuo Eguchi


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