Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.18 No.10 (1977)

663-672 :
Sintering Mechanism in Mixed Powder Compacts of the Fe-Cu-C Ternary System
Kazuhiko Majima and Hiroyasu Mitani
673-678 :
A Suggestion on the Estimation of Lattice-Decohesion of Metal due to Hydrogen
Takehiko Watanabe
679-689 :
Thermal Analysis of Precipitation in Al-Li Alloys
Ryoichi Nozato and Genji Nakai
690-696 :
The Diffusivities of Oxygen in Liquid Nickel and Liquid Iron Determined by Electrochemical Measurements
Shinya Otsuka and Zensaku Kozuka
697-706 :
Structural Changes during Aging in Ni-Cu-Si Modulated Structure Alloys
Toru Miyazaki, Hiroshi Murayama and Hirotaro Mori
707-714 :
Influence of Anisotropy in the Elastic Strain Energy on Morphology of Microstructure in Spinodal Decomposition Alloys
Junichi Kagawa, Toru Miyazaki and Hirotaro Mori
715-720 :
Dislocation Arrangement in Compressed FeAl Single Crystals
Toshihiro Yamagata
721-726 :
Morphological Study of Oxide Scales and Iron Substrate Surfaces Formed at Elevated Temperatures
S. Taniguchi and D. L. Carpenter
727-734 :
Hydrolysis of Titanium and Zirconium Carbonitrides
Kumao Uchida, Shōsuke Imoto and Bunkei Kyō
735-739 :
Modified 2H and 9R Martensites in a Au-47.5at% Cd Alloy
Tsugio Tadaki and Ken'ichi Shimizu


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