Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.18 No.7 (1977)

511-519 :
Study and Control of Properties and Behaviour of Al-Mg-Si Alloys by Application of Statistical Design of Experiments
R. I. Ganguly B. K. Dhindaw and P. R. Dhar
520-526 :
Double Curie Point Phenomenon in Fe-Al Alloys
Kensuke Oki, Akihiko Yamamura, Masayuki Hasaka
and Tetsuo Eguchi
527-534 :
The Early Stage of Basal Slip in Zinc Single Crystals
Nobuo Mikuriya, Hironobu Nishikawa, Takao Takasaki,
Hiroyuki Yokoyama and Masato Okochi
535-539 :
Changes in the Surface Structure of ε-Cu3Sn and η-Cu6Sn5 due to Sputtering
Yasunori Taga and Koichi Nakajima
540-544 :
Etch Pits at Dislocations in Magnesium Single Crystals
Mikio Sasaki and Kenzaburo Marukawa
545-551 :
Surface Dehomogenization of Binary Alloys during Evaporation and Ion Sputtering
M. Arita and G. R. St. Pierre
552-554 :
Methods to Calculate Thermodynamic Partial Molar Quantities from Known Quantity of One Component in a Multicomponent Alloy

M. Arita and G. R. St. Pierre


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