Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.18 No.6 (1977)

445-454 :
Surface Tension Measurements of Liquid Copper Droplets in the Temperature Range 1000 to 1330°C
H. Soda, A. McLean and W. A. Miller
455-465 :
Study on Diffusion Bonding of Metals
Ichiro Kawakatsu and Seiji Kitayama
466-470 :
Effect of Heat Treated Structure on Diffusion of Hydrogen in Martensitic Type 403 Stainless Steel
Yoshiichi Sakamoto and U-ichi Hanada
471-478 :
Contribution of Breakdown and Healing of Oxide Scale to Oxidation Rate of Fe-Cr Alloys
Yuji Ikeda and Kazuyoshi Nii
479-487 :
A Method of Discerning Frictional Stress and Internal Stress by the Stress Relaxation Test
Katunori Abe, Hideo Yoshinaga
and Shotaro Morozumi
488-496 :
Observation of Phase Separation in Fe3Al Alloys
Hiromichi Sagane, Kensuke Oki
and Tetsuo Eguchi
497-502 :
Effect of Alloying on the Epitaxy
Koichi Kitazawa and Shiro Ogawa
503-508 :
Determination of Interaction Parameters from EPMA Data in the Ti-Mo-Al Ternary System
Avigdor Zangvil, Kozo Osamura and Yotaro Murakami


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