Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.18 No.3 (1977)

135-143 :
Crystal Structure and Internal Defects of Thermoelastic Martensite in a Ag-47 at %Cd Alloy
Tsugio Tadaki, Shozo Hamada
and Ken'ichi Shimizu
144-148 :
Fatigue Hardening and Failure of Copper at Intermediate Life
V. M. Radhakrishnan
149-154 :
Kinetics and Mechanism of Reduction of Ferric Oxide by Hydrogen
R. P. Viswanath, B. Viswanathan
and M. V. C. Sastri
155-160 :
A Calorimetric Study of the Phase Transformation in Tantalum Hydrides
Hajime Asano, Rayji Yamada
and Makoto Hirabayashi
161-168 :
An Improved Ultra-High Temperature Microscope and Its Functional Features
Tadami Taoka, Fumio Nakajima, Hisashi Kawamura,
Yutaka Hirano, Kazutoshi Arita,
Kimio Maru and Hidemasa Yoshida
169-177 :
Strain-Induced FCC(γ)→HCP(ε) Phase Transformation and Active Slip Systems
Syuzo Ueda and Hiroshi Fujita
178-184 :
The Oxidation Behavior of Pure Chromium in a Transmission Electron Microscope
Kenzaburo Kumada, Kazumitsu Shinohara,
Kengo Kawano and Toshihiro Seo
185-189 :
Magnetic Properties of Single Crystal Y2(Co1-xMx)17 with M=Al and Cu
Masaaki Hamano and Seishi Yajima
190-194 :
On the Mechanism of Plastic Flow in an Overaged Al-2 % Ge Alloy
Kishore and K. I. Vasu
195-203 :
Formation Process of α2 Phase in Cu-Al Alloys
Noriyuki Kuwano, Isao Ogata, Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo
and Tetsuo Eguchi
204-208 :
Nonferromagnetic Elinvar-Type Alloys in the Mn-Ni-V, Mn-Ni-Nb and Mn-Ni-Ta Systems
Hakaru Masumoto, Showhachi Sawaya
and Michio Kikuchi
209-213 :
Tensile Strength of Copper and Iron Filaments Produced by the Method of Glass-Coated Melt Spinning
Tomoko Gotō, Masamitsu Nagano
and Keizō Tanaka
214-220 :
The Plastic Deformation of Iron Single Crystals with Shear Tests in {110}<111> and {112}<111> Slip Systems
Akinori Matsuda
221-231 :
Statistical Analysis of Grain Boundary Angles in Vapor-Grown Iron Bicrystals
Yoichi Ishida and Toshiyuki Yamamoto
232-238 :
Rates of Evaporation of Silver, Lead, Bismuth, and Sulfur from Molten Copper Alloys Stirred at Different Speeds under Reduced Pressure
Reiichi Ohno
239-246 :
Ordering and Disordering Behaviors in δ-VMn Alloys
Masuo Hagiwara and Tomoo Suzuki
247-256 :
Bend Deformation and Fracture of WC-Co Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
F. Ueda, H. Doi, F. Fujiwara,
and H. Masatomi
257-264 :
The Calculation of Cation Distributions in Oxide Scales by an Approximate Analytical Method
D. P. Whittle, B. D. Bastow and G. C. Wood
265-272 :
On the Correlation between Torsion Fatigue Strength and Fiber Texture for Aluminium Wire
Naotsugu Inakazu and Hisashi Yamamoto
273-276 :
Phase Diagrams of the KF-NaF-K2NaVF6 and KCl-NaCl-K2NaVF6 Systems
Kōichirō Kōyama and Yasuhiko Hashimoto
277-288 :
A Study of Damping Capacity in Magnesium Alloys
Koichi Sugimoto, Kazunori Niiya,
Taira Okamoto, and Katsuhiko Kishitake
289-296 :
High Magnetic Permeability Alloys “Hardperm” in the Ni-Fe-Nb-W and Ni-Fe-Ta-W Systems
Hakaru Masumoto, Masakatsu Hinai
and Yūetsu Murakami


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