Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.18 No.1 (1977)

1-6 :
Growth by Vapor-Liquid Transport Method and Properties of Ferromagnetic Semiconductor CdCr2S4 Single Crystals
Isao Nakatani, Katashi Masumoto and Fumio Umemura
7-16 :
Rolling Deformation of the (211) [\bar111] Single Crystals of α-Brass
Kenji Morii, Mitsuo Mera and Yutaka Nakayama
17-24 :
Twinning Deformation in Single Crystals of Cu-8 at %Al Alloy
Takeshi Mori and Hiroshi Fujita
25-30 :
Orientation Dependence of the Bauschinger Effect in Aluminium Single Crystals
Takao Yakou, Tadashi Hasegawa, Etsuo Shimokawa
and Seiichi Karashima
31-38 :
Molecular Cluster Approach to the Electronic Structure and the Bonding Mechanism for Impurity Carbon Atom in Titanium Metal and for Titanium Monocarbide
Toshitada Hori, Hirohiko Adachi and Shosuke Imoto
39-45 :
Electron Microscope Observation of Friauf-Laves Phase Mg(Cu1-xAlx)2 with x = 0.465
Y. Kitano, Y. Komura and H. Kajiwara
46-54 :
Electron Microscope Observation in an Age-Hardenable Dental Gold Alloy
Katsuhiro Yasuda and Yasuo Kanzawa
55-60 :
Influence of Manganese on Emission Spectrochemical Analysis of Niobium in Steel; Interference for Nb II 3194.977 Å
Isamu Tanaka, Kimitaka Sato and Ryutaro Matsumoto
61-65 :
Specimen Fracturing Device for Ion Microprobe Mass Analyzer and its Application to the Analysis of Grain Boundary Segregation
Kimitaka Sato, Ken'ichi Suzuki, Ryutaro Matsumoto
and Shin'ichi Nagashima
66-74 :
Ellipsometric Measurement of Optical Constants and Thickness of Passive Films Formed on 18-8 Stainless Steel
Shiro Matsuda, Katsuhisa Sugimoto and Yoshinobu Sawada
75-79 :
Phase Diagrams of the Systems KCl-KF-K3VF6 and NaCl-NaF-Na3VF6
Kōichirō Kōyama and Yasuhiko Hashimoto


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