Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.17 No.12 (1976)

783-792 :
The Effects of Combined Water-Bearing Minerals on the X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Iron Ores
Kimitaka Sato
793-798 :
Prismatic Dislocation Loops in Copper Revealed by X-Ray Topography
Yasuhiro Miura, Hiromi Nakamura
and Hiroya Kaieda
799-808 :
Precipitation Behavior in Fe-Ni-Mn Martensitic Alloys
Masayoshi Yodogawa
809-818 :
Diffusion of 65Zn in Aluminum and Al-Zn-Mg Alloy over a Wide Range of Temperature
S. Fujikawa and Ken-ichi Hirano
819-827 :
Activities of Lead Oxide in the Melts PbO-B2O3 and PbO-B2O3-Me2O(Me=Li, Na, K)
Hideaki Suito, Youji Yamada and Masayasu Ohtani
828-836 :
Changes in Wall-Thickness Distribution by Hollow-Sinking
Hiroshi Tanaka
837-843 :
Orientation Dependence of Work Hardening of Cu-10 at%Al Alloy Single Crystals near the [111] Axis
Tomoyuki Takeuchi
844-848 :
Propagation Characteristics of Ultrasonic Waves in Antiferromagnetic Cr-Fe-Mn Invar Alloy
Hideo Saito, Kunio Wakaoka
and Kazuaki Fukamichi
849-859 :
Theoretical Analyses of Cation Distributions in the (Co, Ni)O Scale Formed on Co-Low Ni Alloys
Toshio Narita and Keizo Nishida
860-861 :
Anisotropic Oxidation Behavior of a Dilute Copper Alloy

T. Homma, H. Shimizu,
A. Tanaka and K. Hanji


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