Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.17 No.11 (1976)

683-692 :
A New Type of Discontinuous Slip in Copper-Aluminium Alloy Crystals at Low Temperatures
Eiichi Kuramoto and Hideji Suzuki
693-698 :
The Origin of High Magnetic Permeability in “Hardperm” of the Ni-Fe-Nb System
Masakatsu Hinai
699-706 :
Mössbauer Effect in Hydrogenated Austenitic Stainless Steels
Taiji Sohmura and F. Eiichi Fujita
707-716 :
Thermoelectric Power and Magnetic Susceptibility of Liquid Silver Alloys
M. Matsuura and S. Takeuchi
717-725 :
On the Anomalous Behaviors of the Electrical Resistivity and the Thermoelectric Power in Liquid Alloys Ag-Sn and Ag-Sb
S. Takeuchi and M. Matsuura
726-732 :
The Initiation and Propagation of Fatigue Crack in Ni-Cr-Mo Martensitic Steel in Water
Keijiro Nakasa, Hideo Takei
and Tetsuhiro Asamoto
733-742 :
Transmission Electron Microscope Study on the Structure around Fatigue Cracks of α-iron
Tsugio Ogura, Tsuyoshi Masumoto
and Yūnoshin Imai
743-748 :
Effect of Quenching and Tempering on Diffusion of Hydrogen in Carbon Steel
Yoshiichi Sakamoto and Tadashi Mantani
749-756 :
Growth Process of Helium Bubbles in Aluminum
H. Shiraishi, H. Sakairi, E. Yagi, T. Karasawa,
R. R. Hasiguti and R. Watanabe
757-763 :
Internal Friction of Evaporated Films of Bismuth
Kaizo Kuwahara and Hisashi Kawabe


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