Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.17 No.10 (1976)

605-614 :
Dynamic Behavior of Dislocations in Silver and Silver Base Dilute Alloy Single Crystals
Hisaaki Suga and Toru Imura
615-619 :
The Relation between Precipitation and Coercivity in Co-Fe-Nb Semihard Magnetic Alloy
Masato Sagawa, Masanori Okada and Zenzo Henmi
620-624 :
High Magnetic Permeability Alloys “Hardperm” in the Ni-Fe-Nb-Mo System
Hakaru Masumoto, Masakatsu Hinai and Yūetsu Murakami
625-629 :
The Structure of Nitrided and Annealed Fe-1%V Alloy
Ö. E. Atasoy
630-636 :
Carbon Diffusivity in Iron-Chromium Alloys
K. E. Blazek and J. R. Cost
637-644 :
Dislocation Structure Formed by Interstitial Diffusion of Carbon in an Austenitic Steel
Taketo Sakuma, Sadakazu Takada, Mitsuhiro Hasebe
and Taiji Nishizawa
645-648 :
Zone Refining of Aluminum
Takao Kino, Nobuo Kamigaki, Hitoshi Yamasaki, Jun Kawai,
Yasuhiko Deguchi and Isao Nakamichi
649-654 :
Effects of Interfacial Conditions on Shear Strength of Interface and Critical Aspect Ratio in Tungsten-Copper Composites
Shojiro Ochiai, Shigeru Okuda, Kensuke Shimomura and
Yotaro Murakami
655-662 :
Misfit Twin Crystals in Nickel Film Deposit on (001) Iron Substrate
Tohru Watanabe and Yoshimi Tanabe
663-672 :
Deformation and Fracture Behaviours of Cementite
Akihisa Inoue, Tsugio Ogura and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
673-679 :
The Dependence of Fatigue Crack Growth Rates on the Cyclic Stress-Strain Properties of Fe-Ni and Fe-Mo Solid Solution Alloys
L. H. Burck and J. Weertman
680-681 :
The Detection of Microcracks Generated in Oxides during High Temperature Oxidation of Metals by a Slight Sulfidization Method

Yuji Ikeda and Kazuyoshi Nii


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