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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol. 17 No. 6 (1976) pp.339-343
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High Permeability Alloys ``Hardperm'' in the Ni-Fe-Ta-Cr System*

Hakaru Masumoto**, Masakatsu Hinai** and Yūetsu Murakami**

Measurements of the magnetic and electrical properties and hardness were made on quaternary Ni-Fe-Ta-Cr alloys which were heated in hydrogen atmosphere at 1150°C for 3 hr and then cooled at 0.75-600°C/hr from a temperature above the order-disoder transformation points. The highest values of initial permeability and maximum permeability obtainable with this alloy system were found to be 140000 and 599000 respectively for a composition of 74.08%Ni, 11.26%Fe, 14.11%Ta and 0.55%Cr when the cooling rate of 200°C/hr was applied. The alloy exhibited an electrical resistivity of 75.6 µΩ-cm, its Vickers hardness being 201. It is also shown that the alloys in this system possess very low magnetostriction constants.

(Received July 30, 1975)

* This paper presented at the 1974 Spring Meeting of the Japan Institute of Metals. Reported originally in Japanese in J. Japan Inst. Metals, 39 (1975), 1290; The 87th report from the Research Institute of Electric and Magnetic Alloys.

** The Research Institute of Electric and Magnetic Alloys, 2, Yagiyama-Minami, Sendai 982, Japan.

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