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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol. 17 No. 6 (1976) pp.323-329
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Directional Solidification of René 80

Y. G. Nakagawa*, A. Ohtomo* and Y. Saiga*

Directional solidification (DS) of a nickel-base superalloy, René 80, was studied from the viewpoint of its possible engineering applications in the future. Its feasibility was examined in terms of the alloy's castability in DS and the resultant mechanical properties. Experimental fabrication of turbine blades in actual size was made by the ``Power Down'' method and excellent DS castability for this alloy was confirmed by easy mold production and high speed processing rates. The tensile strength increased approximately by 10∼15% while the creep rupture life was extended by 2∼4 times. In conclusion René 80 was found to be markedly benefited by DS.

(Received February 7, 1975)

* Metallurgy Department, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Tokyo 135-91, Japan.

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