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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.17 No.6 (1976)

323-329 :
Directional Solidification of René 80
Y. G. Nakagawa, A. Ohtomo and Y. Saiga
330-338 :
Crystal Structure of Cu30Au25Zn45 Martensite
Hiroshi Kubo and Ken'ichi Shimizu
339-343 :
High Permeability Alloys “Hardperm” in the Ni-Fe-Ta-Cr System
Hakaru Masumoto, Masakatsu Hinai and Yūetsu Murakami
344-352 :
Bubble Formation from Single Nozzles in Liquid Metals
Masamichi Sano and Kazumi Mori
353-359 :
Electrical Resistivity of High-Purity Iron at 4.2 K
Seiichi Takaki and Kenzo Igaki
360-369 :
Solvent Extraction of Thorium Nitrate and Nitric Acid by Tributyl Phosphate-Carbon Tetrachloride Solution
Teruo Tanabe and Yoshio Kondo
370-377 :
Structure of Amorphous Ni-P Electrodeposits
Takashi Omi, Shigeru Kokunai and Hisashi Yamamoto
378-382 :
Structure of Dilute Sn-Fe Liquid Alloys
C. S. Sivaramakrishnan and R. Kumar
383-391 :
Nucleation of ε-Phase Precipitates in α-Iron
K. Abiko and H. Kimura


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