Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.17 No.4 (1976)

171-174 :
Effect of Additions of Aluminum and Tantalum on the Elinvar Characteristics of Nickel at Low and High Temperatures
Hakaru Masumoto, Showhachi Sawaya
and Michio Kikuchi
175-180 :
Magnetic Properties of an Fe-13P-7C Amorphous Ferromagnet -- The Effects of Stress, Stress-Annealing and Magnetic-Field-Annealing --
Hiroyasu Fujimori and Tsuyoshi Masumoto
181-190 :
Formation and Growth of Modulated Structure in Ni-Cu-Si Alloys
Tôru Miyazaki, Tamio Shinozawa, Hiroshi Murayama
and Hirotarô Mori
191-200 :
Relation between Microstructure and Stress Corrosion Susceptibility of Copper Alloys
Shigenori Hori and Tadashi Takemoto
201-206 :
Observations on Fe(111) and (110) Surfaces by Using LEED and Auger Electron Spectroscopy
Y. Taga, A. Isogai and K. Nakajima
207-210 :
Recrystallization of a Cold-rolled Ni-30%Cu Alloy Cast
Masanori Kiyoshige, Toshimi Yamane
and Junzo Takahashi
211-219 :
The Growth Process of Oxide Layers in the Initial Stage of Oxidation of 80Ni-20Cr Alloy
Atsushi Takei and Kazuyoshi Nii
220-226 :
Magetic Properties of Clb-Type Mn Base Compounds
Kiyoshi Watanabe
227-231 :
Solid-Liquid Interface Shape in Copper Crystals Grown from the Melt by the Czochralski Method
Tetsuo Inoue
232-238 :
The Role of Hydrogen in the Fracture of Iron and Steel
Francisco Eiichi Fujita


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