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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.17 No.1 (1976)

1-10 :
Initiation and Propagation of Fatigue Crack in High Strength Eutectoid Steel
Takeo Yokobori, Yozo Sawaki, Shiro Shono
and Akiyoshi Kumagai
11-18 :
Influence of Deformation Twinning on the Development of the Alloy Type Rolling Texture in FCC Metals
Kazuyoshi Sekine and Taichi Kamijo
19-24 :
Change in Resistivity of a Spinodally Decomposed Cu-4 wt%Ti Alloy during Tensile Deformation at 77 K
Kazuo Saito and Tokuzo Tsujimoto
25-34 :
Contribution of the Interfacial Reaction to the Strength of Molybdenum aud Tungsten Fiber-reinforced Composites
Yukichi Umakoshi and Toshimi Yamane
35-42 :
A Rapid Heating Device for Measurement of the Activation Energy for Transient Creep, and Some Experimental Results
Takeo Murata and Yūnoshin Imai
43-50 :
Effects of Temperature and Stress on Transient Creep Behavior of Alpha Iron
Takeo Murata and Yūnoshin Imai
51-56 :
Recrystallized Grain Structures in Microduplex Iron Nickel Alloys Doped with Niobium or Titanium
Ei-ichi Furubayashi and Masato Enomoto
57-58 :
The Formation of Stacking Faults in Magnesium-Yttrium Alloy

Hideo Kayano, Tokuji Hayase
and Seishi Yajima
59-60 :
Interdiffusion in the ε Phase of the Cu-Zn System

Yasuhiro Funamizu
and Katsuya Watanabe


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