Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.16 No.7 (1975)

373-378 :
The Initial Oxidation of Manganous Oxide -- Application of the Mott-Hauffe-Ilschner Mechanism
Tsuneo Satow, Norio Fukuzaki and Hitoshi Mimura
379-384 :
Small Angle X-Ray Critical Scattering in an Al-Zn Alloy with the Critical Composition
Hikaru Terauchi, Noriaki Sakamoto, Kozo Osamura
and Yotaro Murakami
385-396 :
Effect of Composition on Stress Corrosion Cracking of Austenitic Stainless Steels in Boiling MgCl2 Solutions of Various Concentrations
Masamichi Kowaka and Takeo Kudo
397-408 :
Deformation of Age-hardenable Al-3%Cu Non-isoaxial Bicrystals
Osamu Izumi and Takayuki Takasugi
409-414 :
Thermodynamic Stability of Oxides Formed on Fe-Cr and Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys in H2-H2O Mixture at 900°C
Yuji Ikeda and Kazuyoshi Nii
415-422 :
Diffusion of Chromium, Manganese, and Nickel in Molten Iron
Yôichi Ono and Shûji Matsumoto
423-430 :
Thermodynamic Study of Solid Co-Ga Alloys by E.M.F. Measurements Using the Solid Electrolyte
Iwao Katayama, Nobumasa Kemori and Zensaku Kozuka
431-440 :
Crystal Structure and Phase Transformation of the Vanadium-Oxygen System near VO0.1
Kenji Hiraga and Makoto Hirabayashi
441-444 :
Concentration Overpotential of Pt-Oxygen Electrode Reaction in Molten Na2O-B2O3
Seichi Sato and Toshio Yokokawa
445-451 :
X-Ray Small-Angle Scattering Study on the Decomposition Process of Cu-4 wt%Ti Alloy
Tokuzou Tsujimoto, Kazuo Saito and Kenki Hashimoto


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