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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.16 No.3 (1975)

115-122 :
Some Factors Influencing Morphology of Grain Boundary Austenite Precipitates Formed during Nitriding of Fe-1.93% Mn at 645°C
H. S. Fong and S. G. Glover
123-132 :
Dislocation-γ' Interaction and Age-Hardening Mechanism in a Ni-Base Superalloy, Udimet 520
Y. Shimanuki and H. Doi
133-140 :
Antiferromagnetic Characteristics of Cr-Sn and Cr-Fe Alloys, and Nonferromagnetic Cr-Fe-Sn Invar Alloys
Kazuaki Fukamichi, Yuichi Suzuki and Hideo Saito
141-150 :
Interaction Parameters in Ternary Liquid Alloys
Kusuhiro Mukai
151-162 :
Deformation of Aluminum Bicrystals with a Composite Crystal Oriented for a Schmid Factor of 0.5 in the Low Strain Range less than 10-3
Hiroshi Fujita, Katsuyuki Toyoda and Yutaka Kanetsuki
163-168 :
Elinvar Properties of Mn-Ge Alloys
Hakaru Masumoto, Showhachi Sawaya and Michio Kikuchi
169-176 :
Nonferromagnetic Elinvar-Type Alloys in Mn-Ni-W and Mn-Ni-W-Mo Systems
Hakaru Masumoto, Showhachi Sawaya and Michio Kikuchi
177-179 :
Determination of the Solubility of Carbon in Iron-Chromium Alloys

J. R. Cost and K. E. Blazek


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