Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.16 No.1 (1975)

3-10 :
Uniaxial Shape Magnetic Anisotropy in Nickel-Iron Thin Films Electrodeposited on Scratched Surfaces
K. Mukasa and M. Maeda
11-16 :
Surface Characteristics of Spark Treated High Speed Steel
S. Vaidyanathan and V. C. Venkatesh
17-28 :
A Theory of the Grain Size Dependence of the Yield Stress in Face-Centered Cubic Alloys
Hideji Suzuki and Kyôji Nakanishi
29-34 :
Phenomenological Theory of Phase Change from FCC to FCT in the Indium Alloy
Yūichiro Murakami and Sukeji Kachi
35-42 :
Formation Temperature and Growth Behavior of Thin Plate Martensite in Fe-Ni-C Alloys
Tadashi Maki, Sadamasa Shimooka, Shigeru Fujiwara
and Imao Tamura
43-48 :
Propagation of Fatigue Cracks in Aluminium at Low Temperatures
Tsugio Ogura, Seiichi Karashima and Kuniyasu Tsurukame
49-54 :
Effect of High-Temperature Heat Treatment on the Properties of Hardperm in the Ni-Fe-Ta System
Hakaru Masumoto, Yûetsu Murakami and Masakatsu Hinai
55-57 :
On the Mechanisms of Annealing Aluminium Cold Pressure Welds

A. A. Hussein and A. E. El-Mehairy


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