Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.15 No.5 (1974)

305-313 :
A Study of Spinodal Decomposition in Fe-Ni-Al Alloys by Mössbauer Effect
Makoto Saito, Hiromitsu Ino and Yoshio Sumitomo
314-318 :
The Preferred Orientation of the Ferrous Sulfide Scale on Pure Iron at 700°C
Toshio Narita and Keizo Nishida
319-323 :
Distribution of Copper and Magnesium between Molten Aluminium and Lead
Rajendra Kumar and C. S. Sivaramakrishnan
324-330 :
Studies on the Structure Developed around Fatigue Cracks of Aluminium Using a High Voltage Electron Microscope
Tsugio Ogura and Seiichi Karashima
331-337 :
Formation and Growth Kinetics of Intermediate Phases in Fe-Zn Diffusion Couples
Masami Onishi, Yoshinori Wakamatsu and Hirofumi Miura
338-344 :
Study of Annealing Effects on Cold-Worked α Phase of Cu-Al Alloys
Noriyuki Kuwano, Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo,
Chiken Kinoshita, and Tetsuo Eguchi
345-349 :
Some Mechanical and Magnetic Properties of a Hot Forged Fe-Al-Si Alloy
Atsushi Oguchi and Minoru Otaguchi
350-356 :
The Effect of Rolling Rates on the Texture Development of Polycrystalline Copper
Shozo Yoshioka, Mitsuo Mera and Kenji Morii
357-364 :
Discontinuous Lüders Band Propagations of α-Iron in the Blue-brittleness Temperature Range
Heishichiro Takahashi and Taro Takeyama
365-370 :
Additional Strains in Twinned Fe-Ni Martensites
Ken'ichi Shimizu, C. S. Lee and Tsugio Tadaki
371-377 :
Spinodal Decomposition in Alnico 8 Magnet Alloy
Yoshiro Iwama and Masaharu Takeuchi


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