Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.15 No.4 (1974)

247-252 :
Fracture Strength at Low Temperature in Notched Steel Specimens Preloaded at Room Temperature
Morihiko Nakamura
253-255 :
X-Ray Diffraction and Electrical Resistivity Study of Ag2In and High Temperature Ag3In Phases
Tsuneo Satow, Osamu Uemura and Setsuko Yamakawa
256-260 :
An Ordered Structure of Au5Sn
Kimio Osada, Sadae Yamaguchi and Makoto Hirabayashi
261-264 :
Magnetic Properties of High Permeability Alloys Hardperm in the Ni-Fe-Nb System
Hakaru Masumoto, Yūetsu Murakami and Masakatsu Hinai
265-272 :
An Analysis of Cell Formation due to Plastic Deformation Based on Dislocation Theory
S. Karashima, K. Maruyama and N. Ono
273-275 :
Magnetic Properties of Sm2(CO1-xAlx)17
Masaaki Hamano, Seishi Yajima and Hiromichi Umebayashi
276-280 :
Phase Diagram of the PbCl2-ZnCl2 Binary System and Density of the Binary Melt
Yoshiaki Umetsu and Tatsuhiko Ejima
281-288 :
Electric Conductivity and Viscosity of the Molten PbCl2-ZnCl2 Binary System
Yoshiaki Umetsu, Yoshikazu Ishii, Takahisa Sawada
and Tatsuhiko Ejima
289-294 :
Anisotropy in the Magnetic Composite Drawn Wire for Memory Applications
Tatsuji Sasaki, Takeaki Sakai, Wakatake Matsuda and Koji Hanada
295-300 :
Cold Rolling and Annealing Textures in 3.25 % Al-Fe Alloy Sheets with or without Sulfur Addition
Hitoshi Nakaé and Noriaki Goshi
301-303 :
Densities of Binary Liquid Cd-, In-, Sn- and Sb-Ag Alloys
H. Nakajima


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